Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bonding Time

We've been so fortunate to have alot of down time to just hang and bond with Hannah. Unlike our other adoptions where we were off traveling right after getting our babies, we have been able to spend some time getting to know one another!

The great news to report today is that she is taking her bottle! We called our coordinator last night after many failed attempts to get fluids into her, and she had someone go to the orphanage and get a bottle and nipple from them that she would be used to. We gave it to her this morning and she gobbled it down. I was so happy I thought I would cry!Thank you to all who were praying for this!

Secondly, after doing a few little exercises with her over the last few days she is sitting up on her own!!! She is so proud of herself and loves it! I am so grateful to see such progress in such a short amount of time! God is so good!

I brought a book called Blessing Your Spirit by Arthur Burk and have been reading and praying blessings over Hannah. This is the one I prayed over her today:

"I bless you, Hannah, because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God invested an incredible amount of effort and concentration in designing you. You are unique, one of a kind. There is nobody else like you. God has thought extensively about you. Every detail of your body, every organ, and every cell is the result of God's thoughts. Every facet of your personality is the result of His kind intention. You are beautiful, and you are beloved. God has blessed you with His love. God smiled on the day He created you. He had been waiting for millennia for the particular point in time when you were conceived. He had great joy in His heart when His plans actually came together. He nurtures your spirit; He watches over you.

"Your world needs you. You bring something to your family that no other person has. They need the gifts you bring. Your family would not be complete without you. Others in your circle need the deposit that God has placed in your life.

"Hannah,your Father wrote your days in His book. Your life is not a random thing. He designed your spiritual heritage. Your generational blessings go back a thousand generations. There is a spiritual treasure chest of generational blessings with your name on it.

"God promises that because of His love, His power, and His blessing upon you, He will cause your pain and any negative thing in your life to be transformed into good things before the end of the story of your life. We don't know everything about who you are going to be or what you are going to do, but you are loved, you are a blessing to your family, and you are a life-giver in the world. You are special, and we celebrate God's miraculous design of who you are. I bless you in the name of Jesus..."


Jackie said...

I have just discovered your blog, Sloan. HP is beautiful. Congratulations and I look forward to hearing more. Safe travels and all the best.

Lisa Allen said...

WOW! So exciting to see God move that fast in our prayers for Hannah to eat! I love that she is sitting up and I love that prayer. Cole is deeply struggling with anxiety attacks and I am going to get that book today to pray over him! Thanks for always giving me such godly ideas. I am praying for you!


K said...

We just got home late last night from vacation and it is so sweet to get your email this morning and begin to read this amazing experience... it brings back so many memories. Can't wait to see you both!

Rita said...

Dear Sloan and Hannah,

I'm so glad that you can spend this wonderful bonding time together. I am certain that God will complete what He has already started! I'll be praying for your safe return home to your loving family.


The Coats said...

Hey Sloan,
Love the blog and reading your journey together. What a sweet baby girl you have, we are so excited to get our hands on sweet Hannah. God is so good Sloan.
Love you and I am praying.

sarah dornbos said...

So happy to hear that things are going so well. What precious prayers for a precious little girl. We can't wait to meet her...and we send our love and continued prayers to you!
Sarah D

Sandy said...

Hi Sloan,

How wonderful to see Hannah's happy face! I was so glad to read that Hannah clung to your quilt while you were gone. May the glitch with the paperwork be only a glitch that Jesus fixes for you while you rest. Please Jesus! We look forward to meeting Hannah once you are both settled back in at home.

Much love, Sandy and Schaupp family

Rachael said...

Sloan! What a joy to meet Hannah and then read her story on your blog. She is beautiful and you all look so blessed. We're so happy for your family! Let's have a play date soon!
- Cline Family