Monday, July 23, 2007


The Lord keeps sending us doves to remind us that He is with us throughout this whole process. This was the case with our prior adoptions as well. Before we adopted Joey back in 1999 we had a couple of white doves visit us at very key times. Both were when we were at our lowest and needed to hear from the Lord. The first one came to Bob when he was going out to his car and there was a white dove just sitting on his mirror looking at him. He went and got me and we just stood there and all looked at each other for quite some time. He just stared at us. It was dream-like. The other significant time came after we were praying as to whether we should adopt or not in our den and a white dove came and looked at us through our french doors. We felt the Lord saying, "Everything will be alright."

For the past few months a couple of doves have been cooing over our home daily and bringing such a comfort to my heart to hear their sweet peaceful sound. They are cooing in the morning when we wake up and they are cooing out front when we go to leave in our cars. They are out on our telephone wires on a regular basis. Bob had an amazing experience on the 101 freeway on the way to his office the day we received Hannah's medical information. We were due to have a conference call with the doctor to go over everything in the next ten minutes and Bob called to tell me he was running late because the traffic had just stopped. Suddenly he said, "Oh my gosh!" A white dove had just flown by his car window on the freeway! After that traffic suddenly opened up and he continued on to work.

When we went on our first trip to meet Hannah we encountered more doves. First of all there were billboards all over the city with the same advertisement on them. It seemed that everywhere we saw them. I think they were selling cell phones or something but it was a picture of a group of people letting go of doves into a blue sky. I wouldn't have thought anything about it but the ads were everywhere!

Secondly, and most unbelievable, is that the room in the orphanage where all the babies play and eat has these paper white doves someone made hanging from the ceiling! There were also paper doves taped all over the gazeebo where we spent the bulk of our time with Hannah! See pictures above.

Anyway, Bob and I are just in awe of the many miracles involved with this whole experience. It is so clear to us that God has hand chosen this precious child for us!

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