Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Referral

Bob and I continue to be in such awe of this whole experience. An international adoption to happen so quickly and so smoothly is truly miraculous. We assumed that by changing to Kyrgyzstan from China that we would have another number of months to wait for a referral. As luck would have it, or I should say as providence would have it, when we met with our agency there happened to be a substantial waiting list but all of the people were requesting boys. We were automatically put on the top of the waiting list for girls.

The day we received our referral was like a dream. It's weird but I just knew it was going to happen. I boldly sent out an email saying that we would soon be adopting a baby girl from Kyrgyzstan...which I would've never done with our prior adoptions because the timing is always so uncertain...but I just knew.

It came on Monday, April 23rd. On Saturday the 21st I was praying and I felt the Lord speaking to me. He was giving me the impression of what a sweet little spirit she had and I felt her being birthed in my heart. I couldn't believe this amazing spiritual experience. I said, "Lord, are you speaking to me?" and suddenly a flash of light hit my eyes. I opened them to find that the sun was shining right on me through the leaves on our fig tree outside my window. I wept with such gratitude that God would be so kind to me and reveal Himself to me in such an amazing way.

On the 23rd I came home to an email from my agency. It read, "Hi Bob and Sloan, Well, the time has come. Here is some information on a little girl from Kyrygyzstan. We should have her medical soon, but need to be prepared to act quickly. Let us know your thoughts."

I looked at her picture and I knew she was my daughter. I just knew. I said, "You really did speak to me God! You really did!!!"

The rest is history. It took us about a month to get her complete medicals and the huge blessing was having a gal from my yahoo chat group who is adopting a baby boy from the same orphanage email me after visiting and meeting Hannah. She just told us what a little sweetheart she was and sent us some pictures and we were smitten.

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