Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our First Trip~Meeting Hannah!

We traveled to Kyrgyzstan to meet Hannah and to accept the referral in person on June 7th. It was an amazing trip. It took 24 hours to get there and we spent two days with Hannah and flew home. Below is an excerpt from an email sent on June 11th:

"I cannot express how grateful Bob and I are for all your prayers. They were powerful. Everything went amazingly well except we did lose our luggage...which unfortunately had all of Hannah's formula, vitamins and supplements we were bringing to her and all our clothes and gifts. We had to wear the same clothes for five days!

"The highlights of the trip were: one, having that precious baby placed in my arms for the first time. Oh what a joy. She was very peaceful and came tome fine. She was fascinated by Bob. Watching his every move. We were so blessed that they allowed us to take her out, after they bundled her up in layers of clothers, and we strolled around the orphanage to find this little gazeebo/play area where we settled and got a chance to just be with her alone. Thank you to all of you who were praying for this first visit especially. We really felt them! The experience felt like a dream!

"The first morning spent with Hannah we got to pray over her in a very powerful way. She just soaked it all in and we felt like the Lord did a sweet work in and through that time. The second day we prayed over her again, laying her on a quilt I had made her with scripture written all over it, that I had many friends pray over before we left.

"Her little spitit is amazing. I flet such a connection to her and I know it is due to all the prayer. This little lamb has been through a lot but the Lord has hidden her in the secret place and I believe He has such a sweet plan for her little life."

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