Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Out and About

Well we made it to Almaty, Kazakhstan! We left Bishkek this morning at 4:40 a.m. to cross the border in the early morning hours to miss the crowds. It felt so adventurous and thankfully we crossed without a hitch. These countries are so rich with ancient history you could just feel it as we drove through the countryside watching the sunrise and picturing the travelers along the Silk Road.

We arrived in Almaty and went straight to the SOS Medical Clinic for Hannah's exam. She suffered through alot of poking and prodding but it all went went very smoothly. After that we went to the US Embassy to take all of our official paperwork. It was proving to be a very long day.

The day got increasingly longer when we got a call from the embassy saying that there was a problem with the paperwork. I had to return there with the coordinator and we heard first hand about a pretty serious problem with it regarding needing Bob's signature to be in person. We pleaded with them for mercy, basically, and were told we will have to find out tomorrow if the consulate chooses to accept or not. I am choosing to be vague about the details but really need prayer! Please pray the consulate with choose to accept without making us have a huge delay in the process...

We are now resting at our new hotel in Almaty. The good news about today is that I fell so completely in love with this little baby doll I can't get over it! She is an absolute dream to love on! She was such a trooper with all the travel and she charmed us with her sweet smile and little laugh. Heaven!


Hilary Marquis said...

You've got our prayers! I've seen mountains moved during our adoption process! With God all things are possible. Congratulations, she is absolutely stunning.


Jackie said...

Sending positive waves that this bump in the road will work itself out. HP is lovely.

Tracy said...

I am not sure if I've read this too late for my prayers to join in helping, But I am sending them anyway....I just CAN'T see it not working out somehow...Love, Tracy

Lisa Allen said...


I pray right now that God will move all obstacles out of your way and that you will find favor with the consulate. God, please intervene for my dear friend. Part the waters, open the doors, that they may be able to go home. I am so loving that you are having this special time with Hannah alone without the boys -- that you may devote your full attention on her!

Love you,

Mala said...

Sending you positive energy that this issue will be resolved and you be home soon with that beautiful little girl.

Greg said...

Hi Sloanee!
You know we are praying for and with you guys. Bob told us about this Sunday so we have been covering you and will continue to. And we are so very thankful to hear of the sweetness of this time... I have felt this whole time that this would be the way God wanted to bless you and your whole family (with a sweet spirited little one to add to growing Walsh clan)... you have all been so very faithful in both the good and challenging times... I feel like he is indeed saying "Well done good and faithful servants..." Can't wait to meet her... We love you guys!
Greg & Erin