Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hannah will have two very special big brothers who are going to fall in love with her. They don't know this yet. Joey, who will be 9 in August is worried she will spit up on her and Daniel, 7, is concerned she will take all of my attention. Both may be true but they have no idea what a huge blessing having a little sister will be like. This is going to be quite an adjustment for them though and I am very aware that it may be a bit rocky at first. As my friend Alice, who has six children, has told me, I tell them, "There is always enough mommy love to go around." I sure hope that I get enough sleep so that will be the case!

Anyway, Joey will be going into the third grade this year and plans not to play flag football as usual but to play Fall baseball. Bob may coach again so we are looking at a busy start of the school year. Third grade really steps it up academically so I think we are facing a huge adjustment with that as well.

Joey is my social one who makes friends at the drop of a hat. His favorite things to do are to play sports, baseball, basketball and football, play Xbox and to hang out with his friends on the block.

We will be taking Hannah to alot of games this Fall as Daniel too will be busy with his own sport, soccer. I remember last year watching a gal who's son was on Daniel's team chase her toddler all over the place during the practices and games. I pittied the poor gal. Now that's going to be me!

Daniel is my sweet sensitive spirit who would like nothing better than to just be with me or Bob wherever we are or whatever we are busy doing in the house. He loves everything special we do for and with him and is a great cheerleader for all the new and creative things I try to have our family do (like playing little games at the dinner table, planning for holidays, etc.) He loves our dog Molly and gives her plenty of attention that I hope will now translate over to Hannah. He's going to love being a big brother!

As I plan to leave to go get Hannah this week I am mindful of how much the boys need alot of special attention right now. We've been trying to give alot of holding time and lovers. Oh please pray we all adjust to this big change smoothly!

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