Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gotcha Day!

After years of prayer, months of decisions and paperwork, weeks of preparations, and days of anticipation and 24 hours of intense travel, I am very happy to report that I have my very own baby girl to call my own!

Wendy and I arrived yesterday morning exhausted but so excited for what lay ahead. We were very relieved to get to our hotel, take a shower and crawl into our beds to sleep for a couple of hours before we were to be picked up to go to the orphanage. We were met in the lobby by our agency rep, and taken first to exchange money and buy cakes for the workers at the orphanage.

I have been rehearsing this day for weeks in my mind and it felt like a dream. After arriving and after meeting our translator and another couple adopting a baby boy we were finally ushered in to find Hannah sitting in a stroller as though she was all ready and waiting for me to arrive and wisk her away to her new life. Upon seeing me I did not see any recognition in her eyes but she came right to me and felt very at home in my arms. I was so relieved to find the quilt there that I had left with her and the workers told us that she slept with it every night in her crib, clutching it and not allowing anyone to take it from her.

I was also told later by the coordinator that after we had left from the first visit she took on a different demeanor than before. She said it was almost as though she knew she had a mommy now and that she was less eager to go to just anybody. I don't know if that's true but I'd like to believe it!

After talking to the care givers about her schedule and likes and dislikes I was permitted to change her into the clothes I brought. I took off the layers of well worn orphanage clothes and so enjoyed dressing her in the pink and floral little onesie and sweat suit I had brought. We took many pictures and were on our way out when I was asked if there was anything else I needed. I then took the opportunity to ask if I might be able to take one of the paper doves hanging from the ceiling in the main room for her to have a momento from her first home. They were very pleased to let me have one and I was thrilled!

On the drive back to the hotel I sat in the back seat with her on my lap (they don't use carseats). She snuggled right up to me and lay her head on my chest and I just melted. She reminds me of a little dolly. She's so tiny too. All of the clothes I brought her are really big on her.

She went right down for her nap and bedtime beautifully but she refused taking anything from the bottle. We tried formula, milk, water, juice and even a vanilla shake. She'd have nothing to do with it. We also tried a sippy cup and just a cup. I finally got fluids into her by using a dopper from some medicine I had brought. She also refused most of what I tried to feed her but finally took some yogurt and applesause. She's so terribly thin I am anxious to fatten her up. I would so appreciate your prayers for this.

Wendy has been such a huge blessing and Hannah adores her. She lightens up when she sees her and babbles at her in the cutest way. I think she is really enjoying all the attention we are giving her!

The best part about this is just holding her and loving on her. She just soaks it all up and is such a snuggler. I have loved having her lay on my chest and listen to me sing to her and pray for her. Oh what a joy to love this little treasure!

Well, I am fading fast from jet lag so I am off to rest a bit before she gets up from her nap! Many thanks to all who are praying! We really feel covered and blessed and know we have many dear friends lifting us up in prayer!



Mala said...

Congratulations Sloan!!!!!
I'm so glad she's forever in your arms.
I love the picture of Hannah on the blanket wearing that big beautiful smile!

Pam said...

So happy for all of you! Can't wait to meet little Miss Hannah! She looks so happy and peaceful.

scesamgr said...
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scesamgr said...

Yeah Sloan. She's a little angel. I don't know if it will help any but...Parker wasn't taking anything out of the bottle either and it was hard to get him to eat anything. We were panicking. We finally cut the tip of the nipple of the bottle to a bigger slit and he then starting drinking like he was at Octoberfest.

Miss Hannah you are answered prayer. How beautiful you are.

Wendy Milligan

Lisa Allen said...

I am so thrilled for you!!! I pray right now that God will put a covering on the 3 of you there and your 3 boys back home. I pray that Hannah will have a great appetite RIGHT NOW, Lord! I pray that you will direct Sloan's every action in the way to parent Hannah. Give both she and Bob supernatural wisdom!

Love you, Sloan,
Lisa Allen

Tracy said...

Smiles to you 3 girls!!! Have a great adventure in the following days and blessed travels back to home--I am SO enjoying following along on your addition of this precious little girl to your family of handsome boys, Sloan!!! Senidng love & prayers to each of you on your journey.

Judy M said...

Judy M said..
We in Erie are thrilled with the news. Wendy is the perfect friend to share this exciting event. I've read everything about your trip and experience and are with you in thought and prayer. Hannah is a lucky little girl to be coming home with you. The pictures are great!

Susan said...

Sloan (Bob and the boys too!),
Congratulations. I will have to live vicariously through you to experience a baby girl! We are so excited for you. The Christophers will be praying for you, and especially your little Hannah.

Katrina and Ken said...

Congratulations! Hannah is such a cutie and I just love her smile! I pray that her eating improves and that the rest of your trip goes smoothly!


Martha said...

Wendy and Sloan,
We are delighted that all is going so well, and that you are having a chance to get some rest. Hannah is adorable. Love the pictures and your up-dates.

Love to you three ~ Mother and Dad Brown
PS Thanks for your email, Wendy.

Tim Genske said...

Hurray, Sloan!

Its wonderful to read your words and see the pictures of you and your daughter. Your prayer in the blog is full of power and wisdom--you are such a warrior in this area--we are inspired. Cannot wait to see and hold Hannah,

Tim & Jennie