Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Love Summer!

The Walshes are having such a fun family summer! Hannah is thriving and the boys are busy with camps and activities. Joey made the East Altadena Little League All Stars and has been in two different basketball camps. Daniel's days have been full with Dolphin Swim Team practice and meets, Camp Shi'ini down in the Arroyo and Tae Kwon Do (he just earned his purple belt). We've also had fun going to the beach, visiting the zoo, going to various museums and movies, bowling, swimming at the club and just hanging out. The boys have attempted a couple times to sleep up in our tree fort but chickened out once it got dark.

One highlight was attending Nightlight International Adoptions summer picnic where we got to see our friends Mike and Jenn and their son Joshua who we traveled with in Kyrgyzstan a year ago! In just a few days we will be celebrating our one year anniversary of arriving home with Hannah! What a difference a year makes!


Mala said...

Everyone looks so happy and healthy! A year already! So hard to believe.

Tracy said...

It seems like Hannah has been a part of your family for longer somehow!!!

She has adjusted so beautifully...and you all have made it look so easy & seamless....What an amazing blessing this year has been...Thank you for sharing.

Ivy Lee said...

Hannah looks amazing. How cool to see her doing so well. You look great too!