Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Special Visitors

Recently we had the great honor of a visit from two lovely ladies from the Kyrgyzstan Embassy in Washington D.C. My agency was hosting them and they brought them by for tea and a sweet visit. I had tears in my eyes as I realized what a gift this sweet country has blessed us with.

They were so interested in Hannah and how much she has grown. They had been the ones who had processed her paperwork and they recognized her!


Jackie S said...

That truly must have been a special visit!!! Hannah looks so happy :)


Tracy said...

You gave me tears in my eyes, just reading about how truly blessed you feel-Hannah is one very lucky girl.

Lisa B and Family said...

Thank you Sloan for representing all of us PAPs waiting for the embassy and MOE to finish the restructuring. Kate could not have brought them to a better example of a wonderful placement!
Love the last photo!

Monica said...

Oh I agree with Lisa! Even tho I am not with your same agency I am SO grateful to you Sloan that you opened your home to them as an example to ease any fears they may have regarding the type of loving home we all want to offer the precious Kyrgyz children.
Thank you!!!