Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hannah's Previous Life

How can such a big miracle come from such a small baby girl?

There have been moments these last few weeks where we are just doing life with her a bottle, strapping her into her carseat, shopping at Target, etc. but then it hits us. Wow, this cutie has come a long way.

She came to the orphanage about one month old in May of 2006. She was found on the doorsteps of the hospital "in baby's loose jacket, warm swaddling clothes, cap and towel. There was a note with the child" according to the report we received with the very scattered medical information on her.

The moment we saw her we knew she was ours. God had hidden her for us. He had kept her in the secret place covered under the shadow of His wing.

The orphanage was surprisingly clean and cheery. There were eleven babies in her section being cared for by 2 workers during the day and 1 worker at night. We had the privelege of spending two days at the orphanage on our first trip and watched how they got the babies up, fed them rapidly, strapped them on a potty (this is common in Eastern European orpanages to potty train at one year), and placed them to lie by themselves in a large playpen. Unfortunately the babies receive very little stimulation and personal attention. I do have to say though, you could tell the ladies really cared about the babies. She was loved and it was a tearful goodbye when we took her away.

Adoption is such a miracle. What an amazing privelege and honor to be called to such a blessing.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I know we often forget how much our 2 have overcome in their short little lives.

Jackie said...

She is precious!